CAD Development

From conceptual design to technical product design, we'll bring our engineering expertise and eye for aesthetics to your project to deliver a 3D design you can be proud of.  Seeing your idea or simple sketch move into the 3D world is exhilarating, and we want to help you get there quickly.  Every CAD project starts with a few sketches and a short conversation.  We'll take it from there and have initial screenshots for you within just a few days.



Conceptual Design

DiFi is here to help you quickly visualize your concept in 3D.  We build CAD files in one of the most popular and flexible programs on the planet so we can make those inevitable design changes in a snap.  Want to relocate a feature or see what your concept will look like in a brushed aluminum finish?  We've got you covered.


Technical Design

Once we're beyond defining the initial form of your concept we can walk you through designing fit and function into your design.  We have the engineering expertise to design your product for mass production, utilizing CAD tools to eliminate concerns around manufacturability.  Whether we are conducting a draft analysis of your part, interference detection in your assembly, or providing you with dimensioned 2D drawings, we want to help you take your design from just pretty to pretty and makeable.